Donald Schuler Jr's goal is to empower people and change the world through education and entertainment. As an award winning Screenwriter, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker and  Actor/Acting Coach. Donald Schuler Jr helps people understand their goals and purpose in life as well as being a trend setter for his generation.

Donald Schuler Jr is currently a two-time TEDx Speaker. He gave his first talk titled "How to Find Your Purpose" October 11th, 2019 at TEDxBCA. Donalds talk was aimed towards an audience comprised of business owners, community leaders and students. His talk encouraged all in attendance to be the change they want to see by identifying and fortifying their skills and talents. 


Donald gave his second talk titled "The 4 Senses" December 11th, 2019 at TEDxMonroe. His talk focused on how aligning your four senses can help you align your life's purpose.


Stay tuned for the live audience recordings of each talk via the official TEDx Youtube Channel. 

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