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Awards & Accomplishments

  • TEDx Talk Speaker for Bergen County Academies “How to Identify Your Purpose”.

  • TEDx Talk Speaker for Monroe Township High School “The Four Senses of Life”.

  • CBS Radio Today's 96.5fm and Sony Red Entertainment "Artist to Watch” 

  • Official Selection for the Phoenix International Film Festival for the Short film “Vows”

  • Official Selection for the National Association for Campus Activities for the Short film “Vows”

  • Official Selection for the the Community Underground Film Festival for the Short film “Vows”

  • Best Sound from the Reel Productions Film Festival for the Short film “Vows”

  • Audience Choice Award for the Kidz Hub Regional Film Festival for the Short film “Vows”

  • Bucks Fever FilmFest Finalist for the Short film “Vows”

  • Diversity & Inclusion Speaker for First Philadelphia Preparatory Charter School “Be The Change You Want To See”.

  • Diversity & Inclusion Speaker for Pennsbury High School Multi-Cultural Youth Leadership Club.

  • Motivational Talk “What Do You See” for the National Association for Campus Activities in St.Paul, MN

  • Developed and implemented program initiatives for Bucks County Community College, New Student Orientation.

  • Fannie Jackson Coppin Education recipient given by the city of Philadelphia and the Sankofa Nzuri Culture organization.


Donald M. Schuler Jr  is a distinguished Executive Success Coach, drawing on a rich background from prestigious higher education programs, including the Howard University Executive MBA and the Boston College Educational Policy and Leadership programs. These programs have equipped him with a unique blend of skills that underpin his approach to coaching and leadership. An embodiment of versatility, Donald shines as an award-winning screenwriter, voiceover artist, actor, and motivational speaker, represented by Avanti Talent Management in New York City and Houla Entertainment in Knoxville, Tennessee. In the realm of entertainment and public speaking, Donald is a force to be reckoned with. He has over a decade of experience working with top-tier brands like Google, Fanatics, Campbell’s Soup, NERF, Budweiser, Kellogg’s, Icy Hot, Verizon, and the NBA. His versatility has seen him shine not just in commercial ventures but also as a thought leader, having delivered engaging talks at TEDx events and embarked on national speaking tours. Through these platforms, he has inspired diverse groups across the corporate, educational, and community spectrums to enact positive change.


Donald’s creative talents are also evident in his music. He is currently working on his debut musical album, “Glory Cloud,” which draws inspiration from the biblical book of Exodus. This project promises to offer a rich tapestry of sounds, blending afro-fusion, hip-hop, and R&B, designed to resonate with listeners through life’s highs and lows. The album, slated for release in 2024, embodies Donald’s mission to uplift and inspire through various forms of expression. Beyond his work in the entertainment and motivational speaking circuits, Donald is a familiar face on the QVC Network, where he contributes as an NFL Guest Host. He’s actively involved in numerous projects spanning TV, film, and voiceover work, showcasing his skills and talent across different media avenues.


Donald’s educational background is just as impressive, he holds a Life Coach certification from The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology and boasts academic achievements with a B.A. in History and a Masters of Arts & Teaching from Morgan State University. At the core of Donald M. Schuler Jr.’s multifaceted career is a commitment to empowering individuals and transforming the world through education and entertainment. His work, across multiple platforms, aims to leave a lasting impact on society, demonstrating a unique ability to merge coaching, motivational speaking, teaching, and creative endeavors into a singular, impactful mission.

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