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"Vows" is an award-winning inspirational short film Directed by Brandon Forgione and Written/Produced by Donald Schuler Jr focusing on a struggling man who seemingly has the weight of the world on his shoulders. After coming to the realization that he needs some sort of outlet, he discovers something that could help him get back on track. © 2018 Forgione Productions

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''The Meet Up'' is an award-winning short film Written/Directed by: Donald M. Schuler Jr. The film follows best friends Jimmy and Jay as they navigate their friendship through a run in with the law. Jimmy is stressed about his upcoming court case and calls Jay to meet him at the park. Despite the growing tension between Jay and his superiors at the firm he leaves and meets Jimmy at the park. Jimmy doesn’t understand the magnitude of what he has gotten himself into and Jay is coming to the park to let him know. 

Donald has been welcomed into the QVC Network family as an NFL Guest Host and Brand Ambassador for Fanatics apparel. You can catch Donald weekly on QVC, QVC2, QVC3 or via the QVC mobile app. Stay tuned with Donald on social media to see when he will be on air next!

NBA Hall of Famer Allen Iverson and Donald M. Schuler Jr team up with the International Pointsbet Sports Book brand to promote the NBA with four commercials broadcasting in the United States, Australia and Asia.

Donald & Tiffanny Schuler teamed up with Table 78 Productions to create their latest project "13th Birthday." The theme of this project is "Does it always have to be about the kids?"

Check out Donald Schuler Jr's latest project, 

"Ferc Regulated" produced by Traliant & Goldcat Productions in New York City!


The Last Crumb

donald schuler jr 


Donald schuler jr

Nerf Or Nothin!

donald schuler jr

Casual Style​

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Where's Daddy?

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